The Philosophy - 1 of 100.

Uniqueness: the quality of being one of a kind, a term overlooked by many yet followed by few.


Rather than being comparable to others, we should always strive to see and interpret things differently to open and expand our minds. There is no shame in standing out and making a statement or self declaration of who we are. Embracing this individuality is what we at Good Circles stand for, and this logic reflects the product we create where everything is truly one of a kind, or more accurately, one of one hundred.



Kevin Brodzinski, founder of Good Circles, kept this idea in mind as he strived to create a brand founded on products unlike anything else. Each distinctive piece is just one of only one hundred others like it. Our product embraces this simple idea of uniqueness and characterizes those who represent the brand.


In a world where the majority acts or thinks in a like manner, it is up to us to decide whether we conform or differentiate ourselves and take the path less traveled. Here at Good Circles, we give you that push forward by providing a style that distinguishes unique from ordinary. By limiting our product to only one hundred editions, we’re giving everyone an opportunity to own something carefully selected with rarity and uniqueness in mind. Because you too are “one of one hundred” and therefore deserve to look like it.


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