Good Circles: The Utmost Layer of Fashion

Layers have recently become one of the hottest trends in fashion. It adds dynamic to a typical look by providing a mix of materials or subtle clash of style to freshen up a look. With the dramatic change in “between-season weather” that can go in any which way, layering utilizes the shifts in environment while also complementing a fashion forward ensemble.

At Good Circles, many of our products are mix and match. They can stand on their own or paired with a complementary layer, and with a brand encompassed around black apparel, your layers will stay cool and neutral.

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Any two or three pieces can be worn to form one cohesive look, which could involve layering or doubling up on outerwear to make a look stand out. Take the Assemblage Hoodie and pair it with the longer-bodied, scoop hem Hall Acid Long Sleeve Tee and top off with the By The Night Jogger to create a look with some dimension; the acid wash and long hem giving dimension and some movement under the jacket.

Combine preppy with leisure by pairing the Society Button Down and Pack Cargo Jogger with the Coast Light Bomber to establish a cohesive look while also experimenting with a clash of typical styles to ensure you stand out. It’s important to keep in mind the idea of layering from thin to thick, so layering with the bomber jacket will provide some balance with a subtle rebellion of style norms.

Or, you could mix and match materials to create a personal variation of textures. Take the Velour Tracksuit or the Prince Reversible Bomber and the Royale Jogger with the Residents Tee to combine distinguished looks with a different material make up while still honing in on a fashionable urban look with layering success.



Layering is a hot trend that many are following nowadays. Kim and Kanye, for example, are consistently spotted out and about repping their staple streetwear sense of style which usually  features various different types of layers.



Layering adds more to an outfit and makes you stand out even more. At Good Circles, we have many layerable options that you can choose from to create your own style. Whether it’s something light or something heavy, adding an extra layer keeps you looking fresh and is never a bad idea.