Good Circles Takes Miami... Art Basel Style

Every year, artists and other creatives from around the world gather in Wynwood for an eight day long event showcasing their top notch visual artistry. The pieces and works here span from many different dimensions and mediums, including fashion, street art, and fine upscale art pieces. This year, Good Circles is heading south and proudly anticipating an appearance at the world’s finest art fair.

Art Basel is a very well known stomping ground for artists to display their upmost creativity while also enjoying the arts culture in one of the most artistic cities in the country, Miami. 

This year’s event is especially important as Kevin Brodzinski will be premiering his first collection at the Graffiti Gardens: Good Circles. Debuting Dec.7th-Dec.10th at 101 36th Street, Miami, FL right in the heart of Wynwood.

Kevin is collaborating with well known Chicago Artist David Bozic to create a whole new element to Basel. Top Chicago photographer Yuya Ohashi will be traveling alongside capturing the best moments of the week. 

Good Circles was founded by Kevin Brodzinski only 4 months ago, and our presence at such a prominent and artistic platform speaks volumes for where this company is at and where we are going. This is only the beginning of many creative directions that we will experience with our growth and advancement.