Good Circles and the Timelessness of Black Apparel.

Black and fashion go hand in hand. There’s something about a simple, dark hue that keeps people looking and feeling fresh. Black has noticeably always been a consistent and stylish trend, and it doesn’t seem as if that is going to change.


Black is timeless. It’s a color scheme that’s been dominating runways for years. Whether streetwear or couture, it’s a go to color that will never go out of style.


Why? Because it’s neutral. Take the product here at Good Circles for example. Things can be mixed and matched effectively to create a cohesive look. This adds to the brand’s spontaneity as certain pieces can be paired differently depending on taste but still be pulled off. Black truly goes well with an array of styling options due to it’s versatility.


Black is all season. Black can be worn year round, and what’s so bad about wearing such a complimentary color that looks great with outfits from all seasons? Wear your Good Circles tee, joggers, or zip up during any season, creating a simple, sustainable look that will not go out of style. Good Circles’ easy color concept allows for the flexibility of throwing on a quick shade of black attire and having the all season assurance that it will still look great.


Why would you want to stray away from the ease and effectiveness of such a great color. It’s safe, fashionable, and great for spontaneity. And don’t just take it from me…


Look at the world’s most notable designers in the modern day fashion industry. Olivier Rousteing, creative director for upscale french based brand Balmain, is observed almost always wearing something in the infamous color. Even his high fashion brand’s product encompasses almost solely on the specific color scheme of black. Even Raf Simons, former creative director for Christian Dior, likes to wear and design with heavy emphasis on black’s timelessness. Black is truly a designer’s go to color.


There are many logical reasonings behind this.


Designers are busy. Designers are so focused on creating astounding product and material that they wear something easy, clean, and sleek. Like us, they want to be able to easily throw something together and still make it look good and fashion forward. Black is a notorious color for achieving a simple, ready to wear look that spurs spontaneity with the hectic life of a fashion designer and for that, will remain timeless.


Designers, much like us, crave a clothing product that’s simple, stylish, and ready to wear. Simply wearing black emphasizes a fashionably classic look that fits in well with whatever style the goal is. According to Vogue, when Nicolas Ghesquiere debuted his line for Balenciaga in Spring 1998, the looks he created were entirely black. In modern day fashion at Good Circles, the dark, bold color palette meshes well with the basic, urban aesthetic of easy to wear clothing. Black goes back in time as historically being a color that people just can’t get enough of.


Black is timeless. Simply, it’s a color that many adore and the fashion industry has deemed a necessity to all. With Good Circles basic black ready to wear clothing options, the color’s timelessness is still preserved but with a modern twist to guarantee a fashion forward look.







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