50 Shades Darker

“My tastes are very... singular” says the mysterious, brooding Christian Grey to naive, innocent Anastasia Steele before they plunge into a journey uncovering his darker, untamed charismatic, which includes paying a visit to his infamous and iconic playroom.

Though Grey and Steele’s tastes were purely sexual chemistry, their deep, dark passions formed an in-severable bond that can only be relinquished through textures of pain.

At Good Circles our tastes are singular, but in the sense of being drawn to that of a dark, edgy vibe which is evident in the garments we design.

From what is inferred about Grey and Steele’s relationship, darkness prevails. This is observed also in the product we design; where we feature the essential color pallet of pure black.

Black is a staple color for fashion apparel. Period. It’s simple, flattering on everyone, and pairs well with everything. That’s exactly what Good Circles founder Kevin Brodzinski had in mind when creating this brand.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are clearly in the know on what is up to trend.


black is timeless, shades of black


Good Circles was built and founded on the idea of simplistic color palettes that compliment the inclusiveness of our brand. Similar designers such as Rick Owens and Virgil who launched his Off-White empire. Our line was specifically designed to be mixed up and matched, to create a completely different outfit and still turn out looking several shades of black.

Black is the most logical shade when working with clothing that is versatile and neutral with any other complimentary piece we create.

Our line goes above and beyond simple black clothing and incorporates a wide variety of textures, shades, and material blends, each and every piece being especially unique.



The black velour of the Prince Reversible Bomber (above) is new to the brand and stands out in it’s own way. The velvet design with contrasting white finishing touches adds detail and makes this jacket stand out as a dark shade that pairs well with any shirt or bottom. The velvet was specifically selected to achieve this goal, add a contrasting material while still maintaining a cohesive aura of ominous black or, you could turn it inside out and expose a drastically different nylon-like tracksuit finish to enhance an outfit with any desired finishes.


The Coast Light Bomber Jacket (below) also fits into the black color palette a little differently. The material resembles that of a windbreaker, a signature to the the bomber jacket aesthetic. The black color gives a hue of a matte charcoal, giving it a slightly grainy, less harsh black appearance while blending well to be paired with any of our darker pieces.


Even the Hall Long Sleeve has something to unique to offer. It looks is different from a typical solid black long sleeve as it allows for some soft movement with shadowy blurred features, a bit like a mans favorite thermal long sleeve. Just enough room to move around. That can also be mixed and matched with any outerwear or bottom to complete a look.


Black can indeed have many different variations, which we experimented with here in our products at Good Circles Clothing. With a knack for black, we’re always looking to make improvements and advancements to ensure that black stands out even more by incorporating our own personal touches and design elements to make them one of a kind.

With an emphasis on the darkness, much like the movie, we too can explore what is hiding amongst the grey.           

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