Artist Collaboration: Jet Levant X Good Circles




Good Circles is taking off in an enlightening direction, coming across artistic individuals who fit the mold of what Good Circles stands for: good vibes.


Jet Levant (@je7levan7) or better known as “Evil Mario” in Chicago has been along with Good Circles’ ride for a while now, collaborating on fresh and exciting pieces unique to the brand.


His personality allows him to stand out as an individual artist: laid back, easy going, and rebellious with his work. He has no fear or restrictions when it comes to his work, creating something brilliant and edgy and doing whatever it takes to attain the perfect final Good Circles product.


Jet Levant x Good Circles Bomber Jacket


His fresh sense of individuality and unique outlooks on art and life in general allow him to excel at what he does and thus enabling one of a kind collaboration designs for our product.


His exceptional artistry makes these latest Good Circles products stand out even more than the already unique clothing designs.


The Coast Bomber Jacket is the only one of its kind, a red hue giving a more edgy vibe. Inspired by the concept of duality. “LIVE” on the front and “DIE” on the back. This is a 1 of 1 Piece. Coast Light Bomber x Jet Levant Collaboration Piece

             Jet Levant x Good Circles 1/1 Exclusive                     Jet Levant X Good Circles 1/1 Exclusive

The Resident Tee x Jet Levant Collab is 1 of 8 as well as the design of the Hallway Hooded Tee x Jet Levant Collab, both of which feature a unique splatter design with a dark, edgy vibe. 

           Jet Levant x Good Circles 1/8 Exclusive Collab                     Jet Levant x Good Circles 1/8 Exclusive Collab

The final Coast Light Bomber x Jet Levant jacket design is 1 of 3 exclusive pieces, featuring an astoundingly aesthetic design unlike anything else out there.

Jet Levant x Good Circles 1/3 Exclusive Collab

The latest custom designs for our products are expected to continue as fellow artist Joe Miller ( @thejoemiller ) also created a first Good Circles based visual mural and design, adding to the creative identity that Good Circles stands for and strives to promote by planning to work with more artists and creatives in the future. #supportlocalartists #supportlocaldesigners