“Adventuring (South) Together” - The Aftermath of Art Basel, Year One.

The Rookie and The Veteran 

Day 6. 

With the anticipation of broadening business and dabbling in the arts of South Beach, Good Circles headed to Miami and took on a successful week at Art Basel 2017. Kevin Brodzinski and his team literally packed up their lives in suitcases and set out to the Sunshine State to promote the Good Circles name. The nostalgia quickly kicked in for Kevin as his family took them in and reacquainted him with his roots in Boca Raton for the night. After indulging in some sun and Dad’s homemade cheeseburgers, it was time to get to work.


Kevin Brodzinski and Yuya Ohashi walking the streets of Wynweeod


After relocating further south, the Good Circles team let loose at the Graffiti Gardens Miami opening party with a lively crowd, music, and dancing… all while admiring the spectacular atmosphere of Miami. At least 30 fellow Chicagoans made it out, including some notable people such as the owner of @addictiveartshouse.  This kick-off event featured 16 of the best graffiti artists in New York and a local Chicago fashion designer/artist dynamic duo who all set out to leave their mark on the annual Miami gallery and expand beyond the Wynwood walls.


   Kevin Brodzinski & the Editor in Chief of Ellé Magazine                


Despite the clouds and lack of Florida sun, Good Circles still brought the energy and managed to dominate in sales. The dreary weather on Saturday only helped advance sales in jackets and outerwear which, unexpectedly, was where the biggest profit was made. Thankfully, GEM Water provided more than enough natural Jamaican spring water to keep the team hydrated over the 6 day venture.

 GEM Spring Water Boat Promotion

Upon the week’s conclusion (aka we exhausted... ), GEM Water was also kind enough to sponsored a boat cruise allowing everyone to kick back and hydrate in proper Miami style. The Good Circles’ pop-up shop also received a brief appearance from the Red Bull Wings Team dropping off a few energy boosters to close down the weekend. The day was later spent discussing a future reunion with the Graffiti Gardens Art curator Ernie (@evlworld) and soaking up the good vibes of Miami, putting the stamp on yet another successful Good Circles adventure at Art Basel 2017.


Overall Good Circles successfully left its mark on Art Basel with the help of Yuya Ohashi (@yophotography), David Bozic (@dbozic_art), and many more.  David Bozic was definitely the MVP of the trip painting 4 murals.  His most notable is tall enough to be seen from the Florida highway. The familiarity of Florida definitely made the experience well worth it as Kevin adds that Good Circles being in Miami for a change “felt just like home”.


As the New Year begins, Kevin continues to work with other talented Chicago artists such as Jet Lemont. Kevin's vision is to increase collaborations; making Good Circles high quality designs and craftsmanship while adding that limited 1/1 uniqueness to each piece.  Surrounded by driven, positive creative energy there are many new possibilities on the horizon for Kevin and the brand, we will always promise to “adventure together”.


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